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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time.

Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I have been a customer for several years. I switched to enhanced hearing because I was not happy with my original hearing specialist. I am so glad I did because I have been very happy with Rob's attention to my concerns and he happily adjusts my digital hearing aids. He always reminds me to come back if I have a problem. And what better way to be welcomed than a wonderful hello from Lisa. She is very informative & makes your visit so enjoyable. barely wait for your appointment....wonderful scheduling for visits.

linda quinlan

It took a while for me to accept my hearing loss. My wife worked with Bob a few years ago for her hearing aids and she begged me to see him. I went for 3 independent tests. His results were pretty much the same, but the difference was how much attention he gave me to make me feel comfortable with my decision, as to not only my choices, but how much he wanted me to feel how easy he made it for this new stage of my life. He’s a great listener. Lol

Paul Oliveri

Bob is great. Always ready to help.

Claude Albertario

Great professional and personalized care!


I highly recommend Enhanced Hearing Solutions for your hearing aid needs. Lisa and Rob are very considerate, knowledgeable and professional.

Angel Suarez

I have been a client of Enhanced Hearing for 5 years and I can honestly say they are great people to deal with. Lisa and Rob are caring professionals who are always helpful and take care of any issues I have. I would highly recommend them.

Bill chapman

I have been a client/patient for several years. Lisa has been very helpful and understanding. You can feel how much she cares. Robert is wonderful. He is always there to help if and when you need him. As I told him today, this is my favorite "doctor's" appointment. I always leave knowing that I can count on them. It's a great feeling. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their service.

Gail Goodhart

I made an appointment for my friend (Frank), who has very limited hearing, (hearing aids in both ears) to get tested and see if there was some solution to help him understand people better. When we arrived we were greeted by Lisa, who is so friendly and helpful. She offered us coffee as we filled out some paperwork. Rob escorted us into the exam room. He proceeded to explain in great detail, the testing to take place, and the solutions that could be implemented. After the hearing test, he removed Frank’s hearing aids, (they were very dated) and replaced them with two new digital ones. He programmed them in place, in his ears, with digital technology using the results from the testing. Frank can communicate much better now because he hears much clearer than before. We returned after five days, and Rob did a few more adjustments. Lisa and Rob are good people, pleasant to talk with, and they make you feel like you matter, which nowadays is hard to find. Frank was able to work out a plan that he could afford on his limited income, and is overjoyed with the results

Thomas Gunn

I can’t thank Rob and Lisa enough for helping us! They went above and beyond with a last minute problem and could not have been more kind and understanding! Very convenient location which also helps a lot!

Margaret Backus

Great service, always ready to help. I highly recommend them.

Bob Stromberg

I have been a patient of Enhanced Hearing for years. Each time I purchase a new pair of Hearing Aids from Enhanced Hearing Rob and Lisa are very helpful with the purchase of them. When I pick them up they even program them for me. If I ever call Enhanced Hearing to inform them that I am a problem with the Hearing Aids the response I get is to come right over without an appointment. Rob has also given my wife when asked a Complete Hearing Evaluation.

Michael Wojnilower

Rob and Lisa are the best! Always helpful. Always fun. Always a pleasure to go there. No problem/issue is too small. I recommend EHS to all my friends.

Lenny F

The pair of digital hearing aids has changed my life. I've been mostly deaf in my left ear since I was in first grade in 1958 and about 30% deaf in my right ear thanks to the measles. The old analog hearing aids did not work for me, but the new digital ones do. It's amazing to stand on my desk at night and hear crickets for the first time, to hear wind rushing through the trees and to join in on conversations without the saying "pardon me." non stop. If Rob says you need two hearing aids, belive him. The hearing aids aren't perfect and there are situations where they don't help all that much, but the benefits far outweigh the few problem areas. Get them and wear them all the time to reprogram your brain. The excellent customer service is just icing on the cake.

Debbie DeGiovanni

Rob and Lisa are knowledgeable and completely accommodating. I appreciate the excellent customer service, always with a smile. My hearing aids are working well for me.

Susan Hanson

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