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I have been a patient of Enhanced Hearing for years. Each time I purchase a new pair of Hearing Aids from Enhanced Hearing Rob and Lisa are very helpful with the purchase of them. When I pick them up they even program them for me. If I ever call Enhanced Hearing to inform them that I am a problem with the Hearing Aids the response I get is to come right over without an appointment. Rob has also given my wife when asked a Complete Hearing Evaluation.
Michael Wojnilower, on Google
Rob and Lisa are the best! Always helpful. Always fun. Always a pleasure to go there. No problem/issue is too small. I recommend EHS to all my friends.
Lenny F, on Google
A BIG THANKS for your help and time with my father. You were fantastic I would highly recommend rob n Lisa
Debbie DeGiovanni, on Google
The pair of digital hearing aids has changed my life. I've been mostly deaf in my left ear since I was in first grade in 1958 and about 30% deaf in my right ear thanks to the measles. The old analog hearing aids did not work for me, but the new digital ones do. It's amazing to stand on my desk at night and hear crickets for the first time, to hear wind rushing through the trees and to join in on conversations without the saying "pardon me." non stop. If Rob says you need two hearing aids, belive him. The hearing aids aren't perfect and there are situations where they don't help all that much, but the benefits far outweigh the few problem areas. Get them and wear them all the time to reprogram your brain. The excellent customer service is just icing on the cake.
Michael Swedenberg, on Google
Rob and Lisa are knowledgeable and completely accommodating. I appreciate the excellent customer service, always with a smile. My hearing aids are working well for me.
Susan Hanson, on Google

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